Kim Valentine

Artist, Maker, feminist

I'm Kim. I love making & creating in any way I can. From fibres to painting, videos to podcasts. All in my home studio, affectionately called The Artery.
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Vulvas aren't vulgar

In a system that has created vulgarity around anatomy, Woolvas are a small act of defiance, because every vulva is unique, normal, & beautiful.
Woolvas for Vulvas

Available for purchase


Not just for nipples

Tassles are just a hint of soft fibres for your home.
Your window, your wall. Just soften up your space a little bit.
Hand-made with cozy thoughts

Available for purchase

Life & Death Drawing

the last Monday of every month

A low key creative night out at your local hangout, with other creatives in our community.
At Arlington Five this Monday May 27, 2019
7PM-9PM - only $10 - Sign up ahead of time

Coffee with Kim

A coffee date podcast

I just want to talk to people while they feel safe in their own home, wearing their pajamas, and barely awake.
If I bring coffee to them, they just might let me in.
A bi-weekly-ish podcast.

Scary Things Blog

vulnerability, sustainably

After accidentally tackling a crazy number of fears last year, I'm going to do it again. But, in a more controlled, and sustainable way.
Read along while I share with you the fears that have followed me, and how I slay them every day.

Jumpin' Joel Flash

& the magic machine

I play Ukulele & am the  Hype-Master of Ottawa's very sequiny, bouncy, indie country, musical theatrical band Jumpin' Joel Flash & The Magic Machine.

Upcycling Textiles

Keep fabrics out of landfills

Up.cycled textile curtains & home pieces are made of clothing or fabrics passed the point of donating.
Now these pieces stay out of landfills, live a longer, more beautiful life.
It's just one small step was taken towards change.

I'm Still working on this section of the site, so please feel welcome to send me a message with any questions.

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