Kim Valentine

Artist, Maker, feminist

I'm Kim. I love making & creating in any way I can. From fibres to painting, videos to podcasts. All in my home studio, affectionately called The Artery.
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Vulvas aren't vulgar

In a system that has created vulgarity around anatomy, Woolvas are a small act of defiance, because every vulva is unique, normal, & beautiful.
Woolvas for Vulvas

Available for purchase

Day Camp for Creatives

At Mariposa Farm July 13, 8:45am-3pm

You want to draw more, or maybe write, or paint, or play your guitar, but you're grappling with the inspiration or motivation.

Day  Camp for Creatives is a chance to unblock your creative flow. Try leaving the comfort of the city to explore Mariposa Farm with likeminded creatives.

Transportation, guided tour, soup and sandwich lunch are all included. Read More

Life & Death Drawing

the last Monday of every month

A low key creative night out at your local hangout, with other creatives in our community.
At Arlington Five this Monday August 27, 2019
7PM-9PM - only $10 - Sign up ahead of time


Oil painting

We live in a seemingly chaotic world of colours and shapes. When I leave a place and time, it’s the colours that filled that space that stays with me. It’s what inspires me.
Exploring that chaos & luxuriating within it is where I find calm in a painting.

Coffee with Kim

A coffee date podcast

I just want to talk to people while they feel safe in their own home, wearing their pajamas, and barely awake.
If I bring coffee to them, they just might let me in.
A bi-weekly-ish podcast.

Scary Things 2019

Exploring vulnerability

Exploring, and sharing my fears with you. Because growth comes from the sweet discomfort of being vulnerable.

Posted on the 20th of every month.
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Not just for nipples

Tassles are just a hint of soft fibres for your home.
Your window, your wall. Just soften up your space a little bit.
Hand-made with cozy thoughts

Available for purchase

Upcycling Textiles

Keep fabrics out of landfills

Up.cycled textile curtains & home pieces are made of clothing or fabrics passed the point of donating.
Now these pieces stay out of landfills, and live a longer, more beautiful life.
I'm Still working on this section of the site, so please feel welcome to send me a message with any questions.

Jumpin' Joel Flash

& the magic machine

I  am the  Hype-Master of Ottawa's very sequiny, bouncy, indie country, musical theatrical band Jumpin' Joel Flash & The Magic Machine. OH - And I play the Ukulele.

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