I’m just going to skip the third person bio writing here. It’s very silly to talk about yourself in this way - even in the art world.  

I am a dyslexic visual artist and RYT-200 certified Yoga Teacher. I’ve always craved creativity in any way it comes to me - from collecting junk & turning it into weird statues, to mixing huge globs of oil paint into colourful, organic abstract paintings, to weaving and knotting wool to create Woolvas. My experience with art is fluid, and thus, what brings me inspiration ebbs and flows.  

When I began my yoga journey, I really had no idea that it would take me down a path of self exploration. After a few months of practice, I suddenly realized that I had connected to my own creativity more deeply, discovered stillness, and gained the empathy to heal. Yoga has helped me to create space within myself for forgiveness, and sometimes even clarity. 

I feel that to best serve students, it’s my duty to continue to expand my yogic knowledge by attending trainings, and seminars, including Advanced Anatomy, Advanced Yin, and Yoga with Therapy Balls.  

I think art and yoga can boost each other up in our lives. I teach from a place of creativity, and hope to make space for others to explore their own creativity through my classes. My personal yoga practice feeds into my art practice, and the art feeds the yoga.


Yoga with Kim - June: 

Tranquil Lunar Flow 
60 Minutes - Tuesdays at 8PM - $40
Jun 8 - New Moon
June 15 - Waxing Crescent
June 22 - Full Moon
June 29 - Waning Gibbous

Pranashanti Yoga Centre - June:

Mondays - 9:30am - Yoga + Mobility    
Thursdays - 930am - Flow
Wednesday June 2 - Hip Opening Flow
Saturday June 5 - Yoga + Mobility
Tuesday June 15 - Yoga in the Park
Friday June 18 - Yoga + Mobility
Tuesday June 29 - 7:30am - Flow
Wednesday June 30 - Yang + Yin

Livestream (& sometimes in person)    


Tranquil Lunar flow

Four (4) Tuesdays in June

Find refuge with nourishing slow moving practices including pranayama (breathwork), meditation, and gentle movements. 

We will meet a tranquil flow state under 4 phases of the moon,
to soften, to relax, to just be.

Join me for this 4 week series on Tuesdays at 8pm in June. Starting June 8 for the New Moon.

$40 for 4 sessions or $15 Drop-In.

** No charge for Black, Indigenous, and Youth of Colour, and 2SLGBTQIA+ Youth. **

Yoga Series

"Kim is by far one of the most welcoming, joyfully inclusive yoga instructors that I have ever practiced with. Her balance of knowledge and humour makes her classes a joy to attend virtually or in person. I've never had my skill levels so well tested while having my limitations honoured. There's a real originality to her flows and I have consistently experienced a VERY challenging workout that still managed to hit that balance of challenge and chill."” - B
No matter where I am, no matter my fears or ruminating thoughts, I can always find safety in Kim's comforting and reassuring voice. Each class has different levels of energy and yet are familiar with the essence of their presence, knowledge of the body, descriptive imagery, and encouragement. Their comfort and reassurance gave me the confidence to find comfort and reassurance in my own body as well.” - T


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