Kim Valentine is an Ottawa born artist. she currently finds her creative passions to be tangled in fibres. The urgency for inclusivity in female empowerment, and a new wave of strong defiant feminism is the inspiration behind the yonic wall hangings, Woolvas. 

Starting as a child collecting buttons of interesting character, Kim always felt the need to make and create. The appetite may have been real, but there was no calling to anything in particular. So she tried everything... Cooking, macrame, knitting, crochet. Taking real pleasure in each new creative endeavour. When she began to paint, A new passion for art and creativity was born, and her fear of trying new mediums started to melt away, and in its place a desire to collect arts, and to learn new ways to make. 

While exploring these new arts, Kim discovered a love for fibres, and textiles. Manipulating fibres into abstract, but familiar forms became the unlikely vehicle for Kim’s feminism. The reality of cultural stigma altering a woman’s opinion, and ownership of her own body, and especially of her own vulva is a difficult truth for many women. And an injustice to all women. 

Using the subtlety of wool to create a simple, abstract interpretation of a vulva, Kim dares to prove that the beauty of all vulvas is in their differences and uniqueness. She reclaims the ownership of her own vulva from past abusers by proudly, and shamelessly creating powerful female forms.

Because women deserve to love their own bodies.

Photo Credit: Ryan Lindsey Photography (@ryanlindseyphoto)

Photo Credit: Ryan Lindsey Photography (@ryanlindseyphoto)

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