Scary Thing #16: 3D Art - Original post December 2018

I guess now that I’ve been reflecting, this doesn’t seem like such a crazy thing to do. I don’t know why I didn’t consider Woolvas 3D art at the time, but something about making this Super Mario prop for the band felt just a little scary for me. 
At the time if felt so out of my realm of art. In my mind, I had never made what is basically a sculpture, and one that was going to play an actual role in our live shows. I wasn’t afraid to make something for the band - I was afraid to make something shitty for the band. I wanted to show the Magic Machine that I’m a valuable member - even without awesome loud instruments in my hands! 

Spoiler: I am. They already knew that. 

Anyhoo - In my mind this Super Mario Star was my first official three dimensional art piece. I was scared to take on something new & different, but I took it on regardless. Now I want to make all kinds sculptures. In all kinds of mediums. Because I can. 

Don’t be afraid to be scared

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