Coffee with Kim


A Coffee Date Podcast

I just want to talk to people really early in the morning, in their own home, while they're still in pajamas. If I bring coffee to them, they just might be up for it.

Coffee with Kim is an early morning coffee date for the meandering, waking, mind.

Brenda Dunn (@artinjest) Part 2  

Like all good super hereos, Brenda Dunn has an origin story, and holy smokes we're going to hear it.

From business-lady Brenda to Artist-lady Brenda. We'll hear about what she learned in her early Artist-Brenda days at L.A. Pai Gallery & what she learned this year during The Living Colouring Book at Shenkman Arts Centre.

Brenda Dunn can be found on all socials as @artinjest & as - Check her out, follow, share.

Local art needs local love. So go share your love.

Brenda Dunn (@Artinjest) Part1  

Brenda Dunn is an Ottawa based illustrator, painter, workshop genie, & community engaged artist.
I've been amazed by her work ethic, awesome creative brain babies, & her very loud cheers for more art, for more humans.
We talked a lot.

This week, I filled Stan* - my (not a thermos brand) thermos with strong coffee, and headed over to Brenda's place. Our conversation spans Patreon, Brenda’s ipad, remembering to be gentle,and somehow I’ve been given homework.

We talked so much that I had to break this down into two episodes. All That was just part one. WOW!


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