Creativity Caretaker

Creativity lives within every beating heart. 

Being a  Creativity Caretaker means that I design events that allow adults draw closer to their inner artist. Creating an atmosphere of safety, and play, so they can relax into creativity, and just make art.  Events are safe, judgement free spaces, open to everyone who wants to (re)connect to their innate creativity.

Some of these events can be live streamed for your small group. Get in touch.

Yoga for Creativity

Creativity flows within every one of us, but there are times in life when we feel disconnected, and blocked from our true artistic selves.

For many of us, Yoga and art are intrinsically linked, and with intentional nurturing of our inner artist through asana and meditation we can create space to tune back into the natural ebb and flow of our creative forces.

We’ll begin with an exploration into your own relationship with creativity and self expression. Followed by a meditation, and a gentle yoga and art practice to help you reconnect to your innate creativity.

You will leave Yoga for Creativity with:

  • A closer relationship to your own creativity.

  • Written reflections on your relationship to creativity and self expression.

  • A renewed energy and sense of belonging.

  • New skills to help ride the ebb and flow of the creative tides.

For this workshop you will need:

  • A journal or a pad of paper

  • Your favourite writing tool

  • Your favourite drawing tool (optional - but encouraged)

Life & Death Drawing

Life & Death Drawing features one (very alive) nude model, and a small selection of well lit, not so alive items. Think wilted plants & flowers, taxidermy, food waste, etc..
It’s Life Drawing, but with dead stuff too.

Arlington Five is a creatively positive, creative space. While in this space we practice body & art positivity.
Your drawing skills are not important.
Your creativity is all that matters.


Day Camp for Creatives

A Part of Creative Circles

Day Camp for Creatives is an opportunity to make new local art friends, tour Mariposa Farm, and create art in new surroundings. Day Camp includes transportation from Centretown to Mariposa Farm, guided tour of the farm, soup and sandwich lunch, and 2 hours of free time to wander, get inspired, & make art.

I want you to feel welcome and safe. I know that creative blocks happen, and that they can feel alienating. That imposter syndrome can be a recurring battle. It’s okay. You’re not alone.

Come to Day Camp to revisit your creativity & get making.