Yoga for Creativity w/ Pranashanti

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Creativity flows within every one of us, but there are times in life when we feel disconnected, and blocked from our true artistic selves.

For many of us, Yoga and art are intrinsically linked, and with intentional nurturing of our inner artist through asana and meditation we can create space to tune back into the natural ebb and flow of our creative forces.

We’ll begin with an exploration into your own relationship with creativity and self expression. Followed by a meditation, and a gentle yoga and art practice to help you reconnect to your innate creativity.

You will leave Yoga for Creativity with: - A closer relationship to your own creativity. - Written reflections on your relationship to creativity & self expression. - A renewed energy and sense of belonging. - New skills to help ride the ebb and flow of the creative tides.

For this workshop you will need: A journal or a pad of paper Your favourite writing tool Your favourite drawing tool (optional - but encouraged)