Hello Friends!

I am an artist. 

I stumbled through a creative block last year and really let my passions be shelved for a few months. It felt as though I’d never make anything again. I didn't feel like an artist. I felt embarrassed; like an imposter. I had to keep repeating it to myself so I wouldn't forget.
I am an artist. I am an artist. I am an artist.
But sharing this bit of shame, or guilt, or whatever it is helps to lighten the load of it. Every time I share it, I feel a little better. It becomes less bad, and somehow, less true. 

Happily, the creative tides have turned. I’m Impassioned. I'm emboldened....

There is a tucked away part of my anatomy, up at the top of my thighs. There are many similar, but none like this one. So completely unique; absolutely beautiful; above all normal. Because dozens of articles are written every year reassuring women that however their 'lady garden' looks, it is normal; because cute names are gentler; because educated adult humans don't know the proper terms for female genitals; because many people have complicated relationships with the vulva they were born with, while others struggle with the vulva that's missing. 

I'm not a scientist, and the following is pure, reckless speculation -  but I think that if we have more yonic, and female-centric art in our every day surroundings, just maybe we can start feeling good about our vulvas.
Because every vulva is beautiful.

Please feel welcome to drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you about being a female identifying human; or male; or both.

I love new friends.

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