Acquired a Business License - Original Post Dec.11.2018

I knew that it made sense, but something about having a license to do business as an artist… I don’t know what that is. It feels like there’s a risk of failure that doesn’t exist without the license. Maybe ? 

I know failure is good. I’ve already had so much awesome failure… It’s awesome. I love growing. Moving on. 

I even built the physical task of getting a license up in my head to be this insurmountable task. The costs could never outweigh the benefits. 

I didn’t even bother to look it up. I just trusted the jerk in my brain to be honest.

It’s like I’m new to anxiety… Nope - not true. I win at anxiety. 


I started to build some new friendships this year, that have been empowering, & motivating, & deeply life changing. (Not to be dramatic.) 

One of these new friendships is growing into a fun, art partnership - an Artnership. So dumb. 

One day she goes “oh yeah, get a business licence to do blah…..” 

She has one. “It was easy & makes sense - cause you’re a pro. “ 

Oh Snap. 

Put that way, Two fears came up: 1- admit that I was too scared to even research. 2- Am I pro? 

I did look into it . And it IS really easy to apply for a business license. 

And I got to have a fun moment of I DID A THING! 

And it kinda made that jerk in my brain shut her jerk thoughts down.   

Don’t be afraid to be scared

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