Choreographed & performed Burlesque routine - Original post Dec.7.2018

Yeah - WHAT!? 

I told you I slayed dance classes. I don’t know what slay means in your universe, but this is what it looks like in mine. I signed up for level 3 in September (we’re going out of order) & started thinking about a solo routine. 

I’ve been getting closer to performance, but the spotlight is so.. Spotlighty, ya know. And this is a whole spotlight for me... 

I picked out a song, & a theme. A general idea of costuming. I found a name that feels like Stage Me, and I got to work. I was really worried when Endo kept me out of the studio, and in bed for a couple weeks. Endometriosis is shitty & someone you know has it. Promise. Look it up. 

Then, I started to feel really scared about my artistic style. Not just in dance, in all my creativity. Because my style is imperfection. I love having raw canvas behind my paintings, with messy unframed edges. I like mis-shaping things that are too close to perfect.  I draw scribbles for leaves - Actually, it’s my favourite thing about my drawings. How does imperfection translate into choreography? 

I don’t know actually. All I know is that I loved every second. 

I could barely breathe waiting for my cue, then I hear it - I was transformed. I was Copper Dawn. I was free. 

Look at these images. Thank you to Victor Device for these shots. 

Perfectly captured the moment I was released. 

I am in love with performance. With Dance. With Copper Dawn. You will be too. 

If you’re curious - check out the video - or wait. I’ll perform again, I’m just busy right now.

Don’t be afraid to be scared

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