Refused e.paymt w/ misogynistic question - Original Post Dec.14ish.2018

I used to curate art at the diner. I don’t need to get into why I don’t any more. It’s annoying, & boring. And a better story in person any way…

I was enjoying a weekend, minding my own business, when I get an email from a name I’ve never seen before. The subject is something ordinary about buying art. Nothing inside the message indicated who the sender might be, which is normal - and not  a red flag in this context. I respond with a “Hooray for local art!” & instructions on how to send $$ bills. 

E-transfer obvi. 

Couple days go by, & I see as I arrive at work that this human has sent me another email. I don’t open it right away - Because I’m not a glob damn slave to notifications. I forget about it for a couple of days. But then said human is at the diner & id’s himself as the email-er. He’s been in a couple times. Enough that I recognize him, but I don’t know him. I told him I hadn’t opening that latest email - He said don’t worry, I’ll know it’s him when I do.

I have no idea what that means. But great. I don’t know what lots of things mean. 

I get home & open the message: “The answer is Sex” 

What the fuck are you talking about. In what universe is it okay to reference sex without any context, to a woman who you only know as the server at a diner where you occasionally eat. 

I double checked the security question: eating avocado, is akin to Sex. there are a number of reasons this is problematic, & if you need some explaining - DM me. We can have real-talk. Not here though. 

I declined the transfer. I let him know that I was uncomfortable & this answer isn’t acceptable. He’s welcome to resend but I will not accept his $ like this. 

Remember Man.Types - Bringing up sex for no reason is fucking gross. Stop doing that. 

I was scared that I was going to lose this artist a sale. I didn’t ask the artist her opinion. I just did what was right for me - & sometimes that’s so friggin’ scary. 

Don’t be afraid to be scared.

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