Released a Single - Originally posted December 1, 2018

In July 2016 I made a journal entry about loving the ukulele. I hadn’t been playing for long, and had just  decided to upgrade to a finer instrument with a pickup, so that in five years I would be able to play on stage. 

For some reason five years felt like a reasonable amount of time to go  from starting out to performance. 

Only a couple weeks after that entry, Joel and I were noodling, and we stumbled into writing a song together. In November of that year I played my first show with Joel and his Magic Machine (then only four people) at Pressed. The place was packed and I was scared shitless. Literally.
That show went crazy well, and I felt so proud, and so hooked! 

Fast forward to January 8, 2018: We released The Rain as a single. I felt weird and awkward in the recording studio. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy the recording process. It was intimidating, and I was very aware of being the weakest link there. But, working with professionals is boss. And I can’t believe my luck when it comes to being surrounded by talented, hard working humans. Tev Bourque was our sound engineer, and he did what he could to put my racing mind and heart at ease. 

My fear during recording didn’t go away when we were finished. I hoped that I could just never listen to it again, that way I couldn’t hear how perfect I wasn’t. But Joel wasn’t having it. After all - he is a professional. And music is his dream. So - out into the world it was going. 

The first time I heard The Rain on the radio, I weeped. 

I often struggle to find words to describe masses of emotions. This moment is no different. I was all nerves, but somehow completely relaxed at the same time. Like the rawness after an unreserved cry session. I felt vulnerable - And that felt good. 

You can listen to, and see the video we made for The Rain over on Youtube. 

You can see another thing I did that scared me tomorrow. 

Don’t be afraid to be scared.


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