Scary thing # 17: Hosted a feminist antiVAW event - Original post December 2018

I think we all know someone, or have been someone who has been harrassed, abused, assaulted, raped. The commonness of it all is staggering - not surprising.
We’re tired of silence being gifted to abusers. We are talking, sharing experiences. Offering help & support.
We’re gathering together - in private, because it’s safer.
There still isn’t adequate support for survivors.
Even among friends. Maybe you have a friend who is…. Problematic?
Stop referring to him as “just a ‘flirt’.”
What even is ‘boys being boys’.
Instead of spreading the rumour of your friend sleeping with ‘So-And-So’, & ‘So-And-So’ getting too attached & going ‘crazy’.... - Fucking ask ‘So-And-So’ if they’re alright. And don’t spread shit - it’s shitty. 

People are getting hurt by inaction & silence. 

Not everyone has the luxury or the privilege to meet & build a community to support each other. Many humans are just fighting to survive. Those of us who can, meet for those who cannot. I feel lucky that I’ve come to know so many strong, powerful womanesque humans. I feel empowered just knowing they’re in my corner. I’m proud to stand beside them. 

Don’t be afraid to be scared.

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