Scary Thing #27: Admitting defeat - Original Post December 2018

I didn’t hit 31 truly scary things by the end of the year. When I decided to share the scary things list, I really hoped I’d get to 31. I hoped I would actually make a post every day. But it was actually impossible. I was defeated by my unrealistic goal.
I often felt raw, and exhausted. While also feeling this crazy beautiful, openness. Like after a long, hard, snot-filled cryfest. With all the walls down in my heart, I felt more love than I ever have. I learned so much about myself, & about so many other beautiful humans along the way. Thanks to all of you, my life has become full of kind words, and beautiful stories. Sharing with you, allowed some of you to share with me, which in turn gave me the courage to share even more. 

So, this is # 27, but there were a few scary things that I can’t share with you because of reasons that will become clear in time. 2 anyway. 

I’d like to share more, I’m just not sure what that looks like right now. I know that living vulnerably is beautiful, and I want to live that life. 

Don’t be afraid to be scared

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