Scary things # 18 - 24 - Original post December 2018

There were things I did this year that were scary at the time, but now they seem so - Not trivial, but the scariness has been shrunk. 
If I’m living the best way I can, then I’m growing every day. I’m a little different every day, so the scary things change with me. As they do with you.And also, a lot of the scary things were about art business stuff. The list is supposed to be about exploring myself - not selling myself! 

This post is different. I’m just going to bullet list some things I did without details. This way I can be true to the journey I’ve been on this year, but hopefully not be accused of making this a sales pitch. So listen, if you ever want to talk about some the items below feel welcome to DM me. We can coffee & get to know each other. I’d like that. Maybe. 

  • Ask connections for advice 
  • Openly sell myself as an artist 
  • Launched a workshop 
  • Directly approach the subject of payment 
  • Took a day off work to be at a maker fair (OH SNAP - IT’S HAPPENING) 
  • Started the plan to  move to full time artist 
  • Opened up about sex assaults. That was probably a healthy dose of anger & fear - fanger 

Don’t be afraid to be scared.

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