Take dance classes - Original post - Dec.6.2018

At 18 I answered an ad for exotic dancers. I had lived on my own for a couple of years, and was just back at my parents’ place. It was worse than I remembered - so I needed a way back out. Dancing seemed like a quick way for me to regain my independence. 

Yes, it was weird at times, but also fun. It’s fun to feel sexy, and humans deserve to feel good about their bodies without shame. One time I unclipped my bra, spun around to pop out my tits & a dude in the front’s jaw fully fell open in awe. It was the first time I loved my body. 

The owner disagreed. He didn’t want to see me on stage every again. SERIOUSLY! I also was a go-go dancer for about 20 minutes at a now defunct sex club in Toronto. They let me wander the sexy floors, but asked me to stop dancing. Hilarious. 

I’m able to laugh at it now, my confidence took a hit back then. I guess you can’t slay everything… 

Not true. I’ll friggin’ slay every glob damned thing I want. I thought about dance classes, but I’m not flexible, I’m not super cardio-ee, and I spent almost 20 years believing I was worse than Elaine. Even friends would laugh at my movements at parties. Not cool, friends. 

BUT WHAT DO I WANT!? To Dance. I want to Dance. I want to move. So I when I saw a sandwich board advertising burlesque lessons for newbies, I was like - um… yeah I want this. 

Know what happened..? I fucking slayed it, that’s what. 

It took one class for my body to realize her love for movement. One hour for my confidence to be lifted by my own damn self. I could actually feel my head sit higher above my shoulders. 

I was afraid to join a dance class because of the way people talk about others in their yoga classes. “Can you believe she doesn’t get her feet done?” “She sweats so much.” “She has B.O.” (IT’S A WORKOUT - SHUT UP) 

By the way - all those things are me. I sweat, my feet look like I use them all day, I have body odour, I’m human as fuck. And I’m not sorry. 

The Rouge Studio of Dance is place where we can all learn to dance in a safe, and welcoming home. Randi Rouge is building a community of humans who are inclusive, and loving. And if you think you might like to try something new - think about trying this. If you’re feeling shy, I’ll be happy to come with you to a drop in Tuesday Night Tease. DM me if you want - for real. 

I’m not afraid to move my body in a way that resembles dance any more. You deserve that too. 

This would lead to another fear being conquered… 

Don’t be afraid to be scared.

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