To Begin, let's recap

Scary Things - Again

Back in November of 2018, I wrote the Instagram post below. it's been almost three months since my last post in the Scary Things series, and truthfully, I miss being vulnerable like that. Although, there were days when I was totally gutted, lots of the fears I shared, and the reason for the fear, had never before been told. I think that gutted feeling was worth it to spend time exploring all the dark, hidden places of my life.
I mean, doing it every day is too much. That was Old Kim - I'm a New Kim today, and I'm not going to tackle a new emotional demon every damn day. It's too much. I want to be vulnerable, but sustainably - you know?

Instead -  I'll tackle an emotional demon once a month.
But First - I'll start sharing the original posts right here on this platform.

I'll upload those originals (as they exist already) over the next month or two, starting with the intro. Then we'll jump into tacking either a new Scary Thing every month, or exploring one of those original demons more deeply.

Whether you were around  for the original Scary Things posts, or you're only just Joining me for this dive into vulnerability -
Thank you.

Fears Intro:

(Original post Nov.30.2018)

Last week, for no reason in particular I started to write a list of the things I did this year that scared me. The list is longer than I thought it could ever be, which makes it hard to deny how much I've grown, and how far I've come in only eleven months. 

It came up out of the blue, but the exercise has been transformative in itself. Looking at my bravery in list form makes it impossible to deny. 

I am a strong, defiant, and free. I am brave as fuck. 

I'm going to share each item on my list throughout December, because it makes me even more brave, and because this is my feed and I do what I want.. And maybe - just maybe you'll be reminded of how brave you are too. 

I'll start tomorrow. Every day will be a new fear that I've conquered. Full discloser: I am not yet at 31 things, but I have a list of fears that I still want to crush. I hope that this will help me get them crushed too. 

Let's see what happens… 

Don't be afraid to be scared.


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