According to Ontario Recycling council the average person throws away 37kg of textiles annually. That the production of new clothes uses up 1/3 or the worlds fresh water resources. Those numbers are brutal, & overwhelming.
Success comes in small steps..

Here comes up.cycled textile curtains & home pieces. Made of clothing or fabrics passed the point of donating.
Now these pieces stay out of landfills, live a longer, more beautiful life, & one small step was taken towards change.

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Curtains to ...curtains

from curtain to craft to curtain

Made of Ikea curtains that were gifted when I needed some extra privacy. 
I took them down to make flags for an event last summer. Dyed  with natural fabric dye in my backyard. They've been hanging on my walls ever since - and they're amazing!
Look for these in the store soon...

Granny Wedding Curtain

Old sweater, wedding dress

This piece is made up of one very well used 'granny' sweater.
Tulle from my wedding dress.
Thrifted wooden beads.

I wore the sweater for so many years, that the holes in the elbows were as wide as the sleeve itself.
I wore it while I learned to paint & until I found my current studio, The Artery.
I've been looking for a variety of projects for all the fabric that makes up a wedding dress - that's a whole other thing.
Available in the Store.

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