Woolvas & Yarnic Art

All vulvas are different and they’re all beautiful. But, wow do we as humans struggle with it. We struggle to name it, accept that YES it is normal, and especially to love it. But now feels like a good time to reclaim our vulvas. 

The reclamation of my own vulva means exploring women centric art, and especially yonic art. We accept phallic art everywhere, but we allow all the feminine and yonic art to be relegated to gynecologist offices, and your eccentric, childfree, great aunt’s living room. What an injustice to a beautiful part of our anatomy. 

Inspired by macrame knots and shapes, I started to use soft yarns and fibres to create yonic wall hangings called Woolvas. Shape, size, colour, and texture different from one to the other. Each Woolva as unique as every vulva.


Your Vulva is beautiful.
Every Woolva is unique; as is every Vulva

Available for custom order. Please inquire about your very own Yarnic wall hanging.